Happy Self-Improvement Season

Welcome to the Fall Season! I hope that after the summer break you felt fully energized and ready to complete your 2013 goals. More>

Rotary International Convention in Lisbon

On June 23rd, I joined 25,000 other members at the 104th Annual Rotary International Convention. During four amazing days, I attended several morning sessions that highlighted the extraordinary results achieved by the more than 1.2 million Rotarians around the world. More>

State of Emergency

For those of us who have the privilege of living in Prague, the state of emergency declared at the beginning of June has affected us all, if not on a material level, undoubtedly on an emotional level. More>

How likable are you?

A recent study done in the United States by Accenture reported a troublesome fact, 31% of employees don’t like their boss and even in a climate of business uncertainty, many people leave their positions because of their boss. More>

Happy Seasonal Change

Sometimes, life changes force us to let go of the familiar and, instead, face future challenges and feelings of vulnerability. Although some transitions are as natural and as quick as the changing seasons, others take longer to come to fruition. More>

The Year of the Water Snake

On February 10th 2013, millions of people celebrated the Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year, the most important annual holiday in much of Asia. According to Chinese astrology, this year will be the year of the Snake, taking over from the dragon of 2012. More>

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013

The key to life is to be a jolly, happy soul! Wishing you a Jolly and Peaceful 2013. More>

The End of World

The holidays are a good time to look back on all the good things that happened in the year coming to an end; and a time to make plans for the New Year ahead. Except that, according to the Mayan calendar, this year there is no need to make plans for the year ahead! More>

Happy Seasonal Changes

It’s barely the beginning of November, and just when we thought fall was is in full swing, with its variation of sunny and grayish days, we got a little white notice that winter is on the way. Each seasonal change reminds me of the impermanence of life. More>

Your Mind Shapes Your Destiny

While I was admiring the amazing prowess of the Olympics athletes this summer, I couldn’t help thinking that the physical differences among them were minimal and that, more than anything, the major differentiating factor was in their minds and how they were using them. More>

State of prolonged emergency.

A client called me recently to express concern about disruptive requests the CEO of a company she provides services to was making. He was regularly calling her with demands after business hours, and continually changing the requirements for his projects at the last minute. More>

"A friend is gift you give yourself."  – Robert Lewis Stevenson, Scottish writer

Friendship is indeed a gift, and a priceless one at that. I often wonder, though, if the fast pace of modern life is jeopardising friendship. There seem to be many people with little time for those closest to them, and friendship can often be perceived as either a time-consuming luxury that yields little tangible result, or a demanding burden. More>

How Can I Manage My Boss?

When I arrived in the Czech Republic sixteen years ago, the question I most often heard was, "How can I manage the Czechs?” For many years afterwards, this issue remained one of the most pressing challenges for expatriate managers. More>

To Get a Coach or Not to Get a Coach: Is That the Question?

The beginning of the year is usually a time when people make firm resolutions in the hope of bringing about effective change in their lives.  More>

Getting Old is a Privilege

While the celebration of the New Year is the oldest of all holidays, for me it is also a chance to celebrate my birthday, as I was born on New Year’s Eve. More>

Happy Dragon Year

As the 5th signs in the Chinese Horoscope, the Dragon signifies luck and he is seen as a powerful almighty king. More>