Karin acted as my mentor through the 2020-2021 Rotary-Rotaract program, where we touched on several topics linked to professional and personal growth. She combines excellent observation and analytical skills with generosity and a no-nonsense approach. This guaranteed that I left each session with several new insights and perspectives I had not yet considered. Working with Karin helped me learn more about communication, networking, career development and, more importantly, about myself. I am very thankful for the mentoring relationship!
Aitor Sendino Fernández
Senior HR Specialist 2021
I had a pleasure to participate on Karin's workshop ``Language in Leadership`` which I completely loved. Karin is a very good presenter and has a lot of experience in the subject without any doubt. On the top of her experience she is as well a good listener and is able to reply clearly to all kind of questions. Workshop content was nicely prepared and 100% useful for all kind of audience (leaders, employees within a great corporation, management). I would definitely recommend it and even apply it as a mandatory workshop for the corporations.
Sales Developer 2019
I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to you for the opportunity to join our sessions and for your helpfulness and patience with me in the last year. You're the one who has helped me and inspired me during my first year in the management position. I learned to see the people and to see the world through different eyes. It would not have been possible without your support. Thanks once more for that.
Group Lead 2017
The Objective of the coaching was to stabilize the finance department, and give to the CFO the tools for a better management in such difficult situation. What was useful, beneficial, interesting? (1) Strong experience of the coach: positive atmosphere and discussion and availability (for the date of the sessions, but also available by phone or mail, (2) Continuity of the coaching sessions to discuss the results of the actions taken, (3) “Personalized coaching”: focus on the specific issues with immediate answers, (4) Lots of references to similar experiences (including books)
J. B.
Financial Director 2013
Karin, Je vous remercie pour votre exceptionnel travail de coach, à la fois en présentation skills et en leadership. Vos services et votre personalité sont hors du commun et une vraie motivation positive pour moi et mon équipe. Grâce à vous, j’ai pu découvrir de nouvelles dimensions manageriales et humaines et trouver de l’inspiration pour aller vers l’avant. Je vous souhaite d’excellentes fêtes de fin d’année !
B. N.
Country manager 2012
Dear Karin, I am leaving my company, my last day is this Friday. You are special person that open my eyes. Now I know who am I, where am I heading to. You gave me more than you can imagine. I am learning more, watching more, listening more, I am more open minded now. I am now watching people how they behave, how and what they saying. Watching TED very often. You activated my brain's hidden parts. Thank you for that. I wish you all the best events, experience and people around you.
P. S.
IT Director 2012
The objective of the coaching was to develop m assertiveness and improve my management skills. Results achieved: Very interesting structure of the coaching made in 3 steps: 1) discovery/self-analysis of the situation and the issues/needs, 2) use of some tools and exercises to make a proper self-analysis of my own strengths and weaknesses, in order to assess the best way of managing the situation and the points of improvement, 3) Regular debrief about real life example where the tools were used and the inputs used. Karin is able to create a very trustful and constructive relationship, she is also positively pushing the person to make a fair and honest self-assessment. I liked very much the way she encouraged me to open eyes and realize the consequences of my behavior. It helped me to identify my strengths and my weaknesses and also to define a clear action plan to improve. She also guided me to make choices and to clarify my objectives and my goals. I like the way she challenged me to decide in a wider context and with more courage.
A. C.
Kraft Foods/Marketing Director
We agreed with Karin on a personal plan. Starting with values, analysis of the communication style, and a few exercises to put into practice every week. It was tailor made with my needs, and I am pleased to say that the results have been achieved. Not only my team and my pair noticed the difference, but I was appointed Country Manager for Hungary. The training has been useful not only because of the techniques involved, but because of Karin’s input. She has a lot of energy, always giving 100% in every session, and most important for me, pushing me to the limits as well. At the end, I learnt more about myself, more about the others, and I know more where to focus to be a better manager.
Boris Bourdin
Opavia/Marketing Manager 2005-2006
Result of the coaching: I am more professional manager and I have been promoted to Director of the Kazakh Broadcasting Service at RFE/RL, Inc.
Merhat Sharipzhan
Director of the Kazakh service/RFE/RL 1999-2000
It helped me to use in any problematic situation very positive and constructive approach. I’m sure that this kind of my new approach has appeared as a result of coaching involvement with Karin. Karin held the coaching section in very professional manner, she didn’t allow me not to follow my obligations from previous sections and each time asked me to take and set up next continues improvements steps. Without very friendly and confidential atmosphere I wouldn’t be able to reach so many demanding professional goals at once. Karin, thank you for the one of the most interesting as well as the most value added experience in my life.
Pavlina Herglova
Poclain/HR Manager 2006
I learned already how to adapt myself through various working experience abroad, in Asia and in Middle East. But in a world where we need to achieve results faster and faster, the help of Karin Genton l’Epée has been very precious to adapt myself efficiently in the Czech Republic. Karin helps to improve personally to be able to become a better manager.
Christophe Gamelin
Legrand/Country Manager 2005-2008
Thank you Karin for an amazing session - it was a pleasure to meet you and participate in the discussion. It’s not often that we meet people truly concerned about holistic view of society, thus many thanks for all the preparation. Once more huge kudos for great session and for your great capabilities to bring people together for an honest discussion. Very rare to be seem these days.
Business Analytics Solutions Manager 2019
I would like to thank you for your hospitality, the Power Breakfast last week was really great. It was very interesting for us to meet new people and to discuss their views on the challenging topic. And I really appreciated your effort and your skills when leading the discussion.
Head of Sales
I met Karin 5 years ago at the Equilibrium Program organized by the British Chamber of Commerce. Later she invited me to join her Power Breakfast. After the first meeting I was impressed. The event was very well organized and structured. The group of participants was diverse and everybody got a chance to speak and present her/his opinions. The delicious breakfast that was served was a bonus. After 90 minutes filled with valuable information I left the workshop in a great mood and with the decision to come again. Since then I attend the Breakfasts regularly. It gives me the opportunity to learn something new and to exchange my ideas with other participants. It helps me to build the network, meet interesting people, some of the participants even became my friends. The fact that Karin changes the topic of the series every year ensures that you can’t ever get bored!
Blanka Francova
BCC Equilibrium Mentoring Participant
I am attending Karin’s Power Breakfast for several years. I like topics she is bringing for the discussion and the way we are discussing them. I like the systematic approach. Clarification of terms and categories we are talking about is helping me to use them better and practice the knowledge of personal development in my everyday life. I like openness and honesty in secure environment and specific style by which Karin manage discussion in the group.
Marketa Szabova, Freelanced Consultant
As an American expat, I find the Power Breakfast series to be an enjoyable and interesting way to gain insight into the thought processes and communication styles of people from different cultures, as attendees have included Czech/Slovak, of course, as well as German, French, British, South Asian, Ukrainian, and other nationalities. The sessions are well-moderated, informative and fun.
Casey Holt, Managing Partner, Ideabenders LLC
“I find the “Power Breakfast” series a breath of fresh air. There are always some insights and lively discussions to stimulate one’s thinking. The best way to start my day.”
Anthony Smith
Karin's Power Lunch series gives me the possibility to meet people with whom I share a common bond. We are able to discuss sensitive topics with each other and really feel a sense of mutual understanding. Karin's role in leading and directing our discussions is vital to ensuring that they don't remain just a 'chat among friends' but that they actually have a purpose. She is able to bring out the creativity of the group in answering her questions rather than just lecturing to us. You could call it collective coaching.
– Power Lunch participant
Another benefit of the Power Lunch series is that it takes us away from our daily routine and puts us amongst people we would normally not get the chance to meet. People from different professions, industries, and from other cultures… Through the Power Lunch series I am able to find people I can talk to about issues that I normally can't bring up at work. As managing director there isn't anyone in my company with whom I can talk about sensitive issues. That's exactly what Karin's Power Lunch series gives me.
Iztok Toplak
Managing Director of WLW Czech Republic and Slovakia, Supplier Search Engines for the business-to-business sector
Capital' resources are what keep business alive. While 'Financial Capital' is the most obvious, like food & water; my opinion is that 'Social Capital' is more important – and like the air we breathe, it is easily taken for granted. To the point: Karin's lunch workshops have contributed to my business network and have directly led to new business contracts for our company.
Joshua Z. Tabin
Chief Techthusiast™, PrismaStar® Software
To the point and positive. I have attended several workshops led by Karin and I loved how she effectively managed the whole meeting letting everyone have his or her say and keeping the spirit of encouragement and self-improvement throughout. Always a pleasure.
Dominik Jezek
Goood Morning Toastmasters Member
Karin is straight, direct, and to-the-point. That is what I appreciate not only on her training style. Since attending her workshop on delivering impromptu speeches, my improvised speaking has become structured and I am able to organize my thoughts in a way that makes it easy for audience to follow. I've become a more confident speaker. Karin's trainings helped me in the process.
Dan Bialožyt
Psychology Student
I had your words ringing in my head as I was preparing for a film audition last week. I hadn't done an audition for ages, and what's more, I had to do an American accent, which always makes me feel more nervous. I kept thinking of your questions: Who are you? What do you want? What does the audience want? (In this case, the director of the film and the producer). So in preparing for the audition, I also prepared what I would say as an intro about myself if I was asked to do that. And sure enough, I was asked to do an intro to the camera, and I'm pleased to say it went well. The casting agent and the cameraman even laughed at some of what I was saying! Afterwards I realized that your workshops and lunches had helped me a lot with approaching that part of the audition (which I always used to find the hardest part), and working out how to present myself. I haven't heard anything back about it yet, but in any case I felt much better about it than usual, so thank you very much for all your input.
A. N.
I am sending a feedback about the law school presentation that I promised. We didn't have time to change the structure, but we focused more on the students and less on how important my colleague and I are. We described thing from the students' perspective and it worked very well. The feedback we received was that the presentation was catchy, interesting and the best of all they’d heard so far. We actually received the same feedback even from our competitors. I consider that a success, and I would like to thank you for your suggestions - they really helped. I also think that you gave us a lot know knowledge over the last few months and we actually did become better speakers.
L. H.
Last April if you recall I attended one of your Training4Success workshops. (The topic was ``Think On Your Feet``.) I took notes that evening, as I tend to do at workshops, for later use if and when the need arises to refer back to them. Well, skip ahead a year later. Two weeks ago I had to give two presentations at XXX about the women's leadership group I was forming: one presentation was for the new Country Leader and his management team; the second was to the managers of the largest business unit in the company. I was struggling a bit with how to go about the presentation. Then I remembered and went back to my T4S notes from last year, and structured my speeches using the information. It wasn't quite ``thinking on my feet`` since I did have at least an evening to prepare, but your tips (who am I, what do I want, what is my message, who is my audience) gave me clarity about the purpose of my speech and how to organize it for my audience. The specific structure I used was ``Point/Reason/Example/Point``. Both presentations were very well received. (The second was even better than the first because I was able to tweak my delivery even more.) In a nutshell, what I always enjoy about your workshops is that I learn something new, and it’s even better when I have the opportunity to put your tips to use (months, a year later) and they work! Thanks again! 🙂
T. A.
IT Manager
Thank you so much for organizing the CoachinWithHorses activity for my team. It was a truly unforgettable experience for all of us. All my managers spoke very highly about this unique learning opportunity. Everybody came back with long lasting memories and many take-aways and “food for thought” to our daily leadership roles. I can confirm we all realized how influential one´s behavior can be and what impact it may have on others. We all agreed there was no better way how to project this than during the exercise with the horses. The achievements we had with our horses were not only surprising but most of all very educational and eye opening. The majority of my colleagues (including myself) have never been even close to a horse but we all left very proud of ourselves, including those who already had some experience with horses in the past. It was simply an amazing learning experience we will remember for the rest of our lives. Finally, I must thank you for your professionalism in preparing our activity to every detail and most importantly for ensuring the highest possible level of safety throughout the entire exercise. Within our company safety of our associates comes first and therefore I am grateful for the level of attention you paid to making sure everybody was safe. I would definitely like to conduct another exercise later in the year or in the beginning of next and will recommend your “CoachingWithHorses” to my counterparts and business partners. Let me wish you all the very best with this unique coaching activity.
Martin Zidek
General Manager
Thank you so much for amazing experience during your and Jana’s coaching afternoon.I have never been around horses before and I did not know what to expect. But you made it easy, fun, joyful and when I did think about it backwards, I did learn a lot. From my side was very interesting exercise with not much, or too much pressure. Which when I did think about it backwards, this gave me a lot regarding managing my team and pushing them sometimes too much. Thank you so much again and I hope see you soon again on some different coaching activity with you.
Michal C.
Food & Beverage Service Manager
Honestly, before attending “coaching with horses” I did not know what to expect, we did not get much information but I enjoyed it very much! Activity was well explained and was easy to follow. It was my first time with horses.
Radoslav S.
Chief Engineer
Congratulations, Karin. I want to add mine to the many voices in praise of your persistence and determination. You are making an awesome contribution to an open society in the Czech Republic and providing the courage many lack to speak up and be heard in constructive discussions that lead to the compromise and consensus that are the key to lasting achievement. Keep us the good work!
E. H. C.