Your Mind Defines Your Life

It has been said that by controlling our mind, we can control our destiny. We are each responsible for our own lives and more importantly, for the thoughts that shape them.

Is Your Culture a Communication Asset or a Liability?

As I watched the French and German honorary consuls attend their annual conference to commemorate the anniversary of their friendship on January 22nd in Chicago, I couldn’t help but think of the long road it took the two countries to finally enact their 48-year-old treaty.

Trust, the Antidote to Feeling Insecure

Although Barack Obama claimed in his January 25th 2011 State of the Union Speech that the worst of the recession is over, many people are still struggling to recover from the worst financial downturn in several generations and suffering from a feeling of insecurity, having found themselves on the sidelines these past couple of years.


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You Have Reached Your Destination

I always used to get lost, even with a map, and while getting lost has some benefits (you discover unexpected places), it can also create unnecessary stress.

New Year’s Resolution For 2011: Live In The Present

The celebration of the start of the new year is the oldest of all holidays. It was first observed in ancient Babylon some 4,000 years ago.