Power Breakfast

For 16 years, Coaching4Success hosted the highly successful monthly Power Lunch series which offered executives and managers the opportunity to learn while sharing ideas and experiences. Since 2003 many participants have moved on to senior positions and greater responsibilities.

The Power Lunch series was about exploring a diverse range of management and business-related issues. The Power Breakfast series adopt a more direct approach to these issues by providing a forum designed to encourage participants to improve their self-knowledge and increase self-empowerment.

Every series explores a carefully-chosen theme that participants are sure to find both practical and interesting. Each of the breakfast sessions presents a particular concept and element related to the series as a whole.

Though most participants want to attend the entire series of breakfasts, the content of each breakfast also stands on its own. This ensures that even if you do happen, to miss a module, you certainly won’t lose any of the benefits of attending and participating in the others.


16th Anniversary of the Power Breakfast Series

For 16 years, the Power Breakfast series has offered executives and managers the unique opportunity to learn, share ideas and experiences in a friendly environment. Professionals from varied backgrounds have joined these monthly breakfasts to learn new skills and work on their self-development. This Winter and Spring 2020, the Power Breakfast Series is proud to be partnering with Employment Express for its January to June 2020 edition.

The upcoming Power Breakfast series is inspired by Erin Meyer’s book, The Culture Map. It will offer participants further opportunity for self-reflection and self-development.

Globalization has led to the rapid connection of internationally based employees from all levels of multinational companies. Whether you need to motivate employees, entertain clients, or simply organize a conference call among members of a cross-cultural team, Erin Meyer provides a field-tested model for decoding how cultural differences impact international business.

Winter/Spring 2020 Power Breakfasts Schedule

January 17th  2020                     Communicating
February 14th 2020                    Trusting
March 20th 2020                        Evaluating- ONLINE SESSION
April 17th 2020                            Persuading
May 22nd 2020                            Disagreeing
June 19th 2020                            Leading

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