• January: Inspirational Dreamer
  • February: Analytical Thinker
  • March: Emotional Lover
  • April: Practical Warrior
  • May: The Lookout and The Captain
  • June: The Voyager
  • September: Introduction to the Six Thinking Hats Method
  • October: Blue, Green, Yellow Thinking Hats
  • November: White, Black, Red Thinking Hats
  • December: Wrap Up
  • January: The Personal Qualities that Bring Influence 
  • February: Getting In, Stand Out and Breaking Some Rules
  • March: Build Efficient & Effective Social Network
  • April: Acting & Speaking with Power
  • May: Overcoming Opposition and Setbacks
  • June: The Price of Power
  • September: The Power of Influence
  • October: The Weapons of Influence
  • November: The Uses and Abuses of Influence
  • December: The Mindset of Influence
  • January: The Personal Qualities that Bring Performance
  • February: Getting In, Stand Out and Breaking Some Rules
  • March: Build Efficient & Effective Social Network
  • April: Acting & Speaking with Power
  • May: Overcoming Opposition and Setbacks
  • June: The Price of Power
  • September: Are Winners Born or Made
  • October: Winning Strategy
  • November: Winning Leadership
  • December: Winning Teamship
  • January: Introduction to Political Games in Organizations
  • February: Identifying Your Political Style
  • March: Avoiding Political Blind spots
  • April: Weaving a Network of Influence
  • May: Promoting Yourself with Integrity
  • June: Ethical Lobbying
  • September: The Inspirational Dreamer
  • October: The Analytical Thinker
  • November: Power Breakfast: The Emotional Lover
  • December: The Practical Warrior
  • January: The Productive You (Career & Finance)
  • February: The Potential You (Self-Development & Creative Expression)
  • March: The Personal You (Social Life & Intimate Relationships)
  • April: The Practical You (Lifestyle & Health)
  • June: The Integrated You: Heading Towards 2015
  • January: Finding Happiness in Your Career
  • February: Finding Happiness in Your Relationships
  • March: Staying Out of Jail
  • April: Cheating Ourselves
  • May: Savvy Networking (canceled)
  • June: Why the mind gets what it expects
  • September: The Driver
  • October: The Organizer
  • November: The Collaborator
  • December: The Visionary
  • January: Introduction to Neuroleadership 80th lunch
  • February: Leading Brains (Trust, Reward and Motivation)
  • March: Changing Brains (Change, Habit and Transformation)
  • April: Creative Brains (Innovation, Creativity and Inspiration)
  • May: Emotional Brain (Emotional Regulation)
  • June: The Two Leadership Journeys
  • September: Managing Across Cultures
  • October: Managing Across Genders
  • November: Managing Across Generations
  • December: Managing Yourself (Your Time and Your Energy)
  • April: Savvy Networking
  • May: Never Eat Alone
  • June: The Art of Small Talk
  • January: The Intuitive Decision Making Process 70th lunch
  • February: How to Make Tough Choices
  • March: How to communicate Your Intuitions
  • September: What Legos can teach us about the Joy of Work
  • October: The Case for Revenge
  • November: On Empathy and Emotion
  • December: The Long-Term Effects of Short Team Emotions
  • April: Working with Emotional Intelligence
  • May: The Age of Empathy
  • June: Emotional Freedom, 65th lunch
  • January: Curiositá: An insatiably curious approach to life, 60th Power Lunch
  • February: Dimonstrazione: A commitment to test knowledge through experience
  • March: Sfumato: A willingness to embrace ambiguity, paradox and uncertainty
  • September: Law #25 – Re-create yourself
  • October: Law #39 – Stir up waters to catch fish
  • November: Law #45 – Preach the need for change
  • December: Law #46 – Never appear too perfect
  • March: The story of Success
  • April: Lessons of Adversity
  • May: Creativity & Innovation
  • June: Presenting & Branding yourself
  • January: The Happiness formula 50th Power Lunch
  • February: The Three Happy Lives

The Fall 2008 series, “The Hidden Forces That Shape our Decision” was based on Dan Ariely’s book “Predictably Irrational”.

In his fascinating study, Dan Ariely looks at how people behave in different situations and endeavors to explain why we all succumb to irrationality in situations where rational thought would be expected. By analyzing and discussing some of his conclusions, participants we able to better understand their own behavior and identify strategies to keep their irrational decisions in check.

The hidden forces that shape our decisions program:

  • September: Why we are happy to do things for free
  • October: Procrastination and Self-Control
  • November: Why the minds gets what it expects
  • December: Why we are dishonest and what can we do about it

The “The Art of Management” Power Lunches series explored some of the challenges that today’s managers are facing and presented participants with creative approaches to meet these issues as well as insights on how best to manage themselves and others.

The Art of Managing Program

  • January: Managing your time and your energy
  • February: Managing across generations
  • March: Managing across cultures
  • April: Managing your boss
  • May: Managing your career
  • June: Managing your image

This series of six lunches is based on several of Karin’s most popular and successful seminars and will present you with insights on how best to present and brand yourself as well give you new tools for professional and personal development.

The Person of the Year: You

  • Introducing yourself vs. presenting yourself
  • Networking: How to connect to the people you want to meet
  • How to Make a Fantastic Impression on People
  • Branding yourself
  • Our branding message
  • Creating a Winning Image

Discussions will be focused on identifying and analyzing these challenges while looking at new and innovative methods that help leaders become more effective. Time will also be dedicated to allow participants to evaluate their own positions as leaders and look at how they may better respond to future challenges, both personal and professional.

In addition to Karin’s professional insight and experience, participants can look forward to a large amount of constructive feedback, from both Karin herself and the other participants.

The “Leadership challenges” Power Lunches Program

  • Introduction to Leadership Challenges
  • Intuitive Decision Making
  • Managing Diversity
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Ethics and Integrity

In this series of lunches, participants will discover how to successfully present and market themselves anywhere, anytime. Special attention will be given to identifying one’s communication style and using it to connect and communicate more effectively with others. By understanding the importance of networking and the benefits to be had by improving one’s networking skills, participants will attain the confidence and competence to maximize the impact of their networking.

Each lunch will be devoted to a specific self-marketing and networking topic and will allow participants to examine and analyze the networking and self-marketing situations they encounter, while receiving feedback from the facilitator and one another.

The Networking Power Lunches Program

  • Presenting Yourself Successfully
  • Communication Styles
  • Branding Yourself
  • How to Make a Fantastic Impression on People
  • Networking across cultures Part I
  • Networking across cultures Part II

This new series of Power Lunches provides participants with a forum to share experiences and knowledge concerning effective leadership across cultural contexts. Regular get-togethers in an open and inspiring environment will be focused on the issues, experiences and dilemmas leaders face in their everyday professional lives.

Each lunch will be devoted to a specific leadership topic and will allow participants to examine and analyze the leadership situations they encounter, while receiving feedback from the facilitator and one another.

The “Leadership skills” Power Lunches Program

  • Five Essentials Skills of Great Leaders
  • Expanding People’s Capabilities Through Coaching
  • Stress Management
  • Negotiation
  • Public Speaking
  • Networking

During this series of lunches, participants share their own knowledge and experience communicating and relating to others in a wide variety of cultural contexts. These lunches provide an excellent opportunity for participants to address the unique issues that arise when working in a cross-cultural environment.

Years of working with large and small organization in Europe and North America have given Karin a unique understanding of the advantages and pitfalls of the cross-cultural working experience. On that foundation, participants will learn how to communicate effectively and appropriately in any cultural context, a definite asset considering the increasingly global nature of business today.

Each lunch in the series will address a specific topic unique to the cross-cultural experience and give participants the opportunity to discuss their own experiences while learning from the experiences of others.

The Intercultural Power Lunches Program

  • Understanding Cultural Differences
  • Time management Approaches
  • Relationships with people Part I
  • Relationships with people Part II
  • Communication patterns
  • Emotions at Work Part I
  • Emotions at Work Part II
  • Men & Women at work

The Career Management “Lunch & Learn” Series was designed to inspire professionals to take more control of their careers and get their professional lives moving in the right direction.

Each lunch introduces, explains, and facilitates concepts and tools essential to assuring the success of an upcoming career move or professional transition.

By covering a broad base of topics including self-marketing, lead generation and follow-up, interviewing, and negotiation, the Career Management “Lunch & Learn” Series provides an excellent opportunity to learn from Karin’s years of experience as a career coach.

While participants may want to attend all the lunches in the series, each event presents a topic or exercises that stand on their own. So if you happen to miss a module, you certainly won’t lose any of the benefits of participating in the others.

The Lunch & Learn Program

  • The 2-Minute Drill: “Tell me about yourself”
  • Self-Marketing: Curriculum Vitae
  • Networking: Managing the Search Process
  • Interviewing Skills