Your Mind Defines Your Life

Albert EinsteinIt has been said that by controlling our mind, we can control our destiny. We are each responsible for our own lives and more importantly, for the thoughts that shape them. If we want a more rewarding life, we have to change the way we think and overcome the mental blocks keeping us from success.

The mind is like a powerful computer with thousands of megabytes of memory. Therefore it is worth storing our experiences for a time when we will need them again because life is a constant learning process. We should learn from our failures as well as our successes. Faced with a negative result, we need to ask ourselves what we did or didn’t do right. Many times we will find that we have a strong tendency to repeat the same mistakes over and over again

How can we overcome our mental blocks?

Learn from your experiences, both positive and negative. Each situation is a learning opportunity as long as you make the effort to look at it with an open and receptive mind.

Take ownership of your mistakes. Every action is your responsibility. Remember that the longer it takes you to own up to your mistakes or failures, the worse the consequences are likely to be.

Never make the same mistake twice. If you keep on doing the same things, you will keep on getting the same results.

Don’t be afraid to turn a negative into a positive. With some practice, everyone can find a silver lining in the darkest cloud and turn a mistake into a learning opportunity. When faced with adversity, look at what you can take control of and begin to take action in that direction.

Never beat yourself up, because there are plenty of people who will do it for you. It is fine to be your own worst critic, but do not let anyone or anything undermine your confidence. Nor should you let anyone’s criticism or scrutiny negatively influence you.

What you find in your mind is what you put there. Make sure to put good things in it. Try to be conscious of your thoughts in every aspect of your life. You are creating your world as you see it.