Summer 2007

L’Epée Coaching & Consulting Summer 2007 newsletter.

Over the years, L’Epée Coaching & Consulting has seen a steady increase in the number of nationalities represented at its various activities. Though eleven different countries were represented in 1999, that number has swelled to over 39 in the past several years. This diversity not only provides a unique social environment in which to understand cultural differences, but also gives L’Epée’s participants the opportunity to apply various concepts and ideas in facilitating cross-cultural communication.

While I continue to be actively involved in both executive and management coaching, I have, at the request of many, decided to broaden my services to include public speaking skills as well as networking skills. These activities are aimed at helping my clients improve their overall communication thus increasing their chances for success.

In the corporate training aspect of my work, I will continue to deliver interactive and flexible customized programs that identify the specific demands of an organization and build on the knowledge and experience of its members.

Finally, like many of you, I will be taking holidays during July and August before returning in the fall with a broad range of new activities. Though there aren’t any official functions slated for the summer, I do intend to be in and around Prague, albeit less often than usual, so please stay in touch.

Power Lunch series

My popular Power Lunch Series is currently on hold for the summer vacation.

However, I am currently developing an exciting new program which topic will be announced in August, ahead of the first Fall 2007 Power Lunch series scheduled on Tuesday September 4.

Become the speaker and leader you want to be!

Come out and try see how Toastmasters ( can help you improve your communication and leadership skills. Bohemian Toastmasters is an offshoot of Toastmasters in Prague and was concieved to give participants more opportunities to hone their public speaking abilities and take advantage of a more flexible schedule. With two Toastmasters clubs in Prague, the organization is now capable of fully addressing the needs of its diverse membership while attracting and encouraging new members to join.

For more information, please see

Calendar of events and activities:

September 4 Power Lunch
September 19, 20 & 21 Coaching Conference in Prague (
October 16 Power Lunch
November 6 Power Lunch
November 23 to 25 Toastmasters Conference in Vienna (
December 4 Power Lunch

Communication Tip of the Month: Coaches aren’t just for athletes

Throughout history, in order to get help with achieving their goals, people have sought collaborative assistance from guides, mentors, teachers and today, coaches.

For many years coaching was mainly associated with sport and competition. As athletes became as visible and famous as movie stars, they surrounded themselves with all the help they could find in order to become the best.

“Just as great athletes make huge gains with the help of their coaches, people at all levels of organizations are seeing phenomenal results through support from business coaches” says Ken Blanchard, -author of the One Minute Manager.

When business coaching began over twenty years ago, it was used by only a handful of people, particularly senior executives who were seeking coaches to help them advance personally and professionally. As business became more and more competitive and challenging the role of business coaches increased tremendously.

As news of the effectiveness of coaching spread, coaching soon reached each organizational level of the corporate world. Today coaching is assisting hundreds of thousands of people each year with maximizing their potential, productivity and achieving greater success.

The question you might ask yourself is: What can a coach do for ME?

How can a coach help me or my staff to achieve our agreed goals and objectives?

Organizations spend a great deal of capital to develop and train their workforce and their leaders. But unlike many training and development processes coaching has the advantage of continuous customization to ensure that participants reach targeted goals and visible benefits with the supportive guidance of a coach.

Individuals who are following a coaching program gain a profound understanding of themselves. It helps them to leverage their talents and strengths for the desired results.

Coaching is a one-on-one process based on a collaborative relationship and a clear method to help individuals unlock their potential so they can achieve their goals.

What benefits can you get from coaching?

  • An objective sounding board: you will be listened to without judgment. The coach will provide the environment in which your inklings, ideas and concerns will be respected and expanded.
  • Bridging the gap between your abilities, desires and achievements
  • Understanding the importance of balancing your professional life and yet acknowledging your creative needs.
  • Perspective: the coach will give you an impartial perspective and brainstorm with you on ways to move ahead
  • Awareness and leveraging of your communication style. You will enhance your self awareness and further develop your interpersonal skills
  • Identification of your goals: what you really want and what matters the most to you
  • Developing and implementing a strategic plan to reach your goals after having identified them
  • A partnership: based on honesty, trust and mutual respect
  • Support & Structure facilitating a natural pattern of growth and development

And clearly, the individual benefits will create a ripple effect throughout the company you are working for, improving morale, communication, retention, efficiency and productivity.

And it will also have a ripple effect in your personal life and allow you to grow personally.

Are you and/or your company ready for coaching? What do you think coaching can do for you?