November 2004

Thank you for reading the November 2004 L’Epée Coaching & Consulting Newsletter.

On November 1, L’Epée Coaching & Consulting moves to Prague 5. The new address and phone/fax number are:Na Provaznici 10, 150 00 Praha 5, Tel/Fax: (420) 251 561 991

Leadership Power Lunch

In October, I began a new series of Power Lunches providing participants with a forum to share experiences and knowledge about effective leadership across cultural contexts. Each lunch will be devoted to a specific leadership topic allowing participants to examine and analyze the leadership situations they encounter, while receiving feedback from the facilitator and each other.

The November 4th Leadership Power Lunch:Expanding People’s Capabilities Through Coachingwill be a joint event with the company learn2grow. It will be dedicated to leadership development through blended delivery formats. During the lunch, participants will discuss the following questions:What is at the heart of coaching? What are the characteristics of effective coaches? What are the steps to becoming a great coach?


November 1 WIB – Women in Business dinner at Mlynec
November 4 Leadership Power Lunch
November 19 CCFT-FCOK – Seminaire de Management Interculturel
December 5 Diplomatic Ladies’ Association Charity Bazaar
December 6 WIB – Women in Business dinner at Mlynec
December 9 Leadership Power Lunch: Stress Management

Toastmasters in Prague (

Everyone is welcome to Toastmasters’weekly Wednesday meetingsfrom 18:30 to 20:30 at Novotneho lavka 1, DT CSVTS, Prague 1. Room # 401 A (It is the building next to Mlynec restaurant) For more information please contact Ivana Hospodarova at

Communication Tip of the Month: Coaches aren’t just for athletes

To get help achieve their goals, people have always sought collaborative assistance from guides, mentors, teachers and today, coaches.

For many years coaching was primarily associated with sports and competition. As the position of athletes became increasingly visible in society, sports figures sought out people, both inside and outside of their sport, to help them become the best.

“Just as great athletes make huge gains with the help of their coaches, people at all levels of organizations are seeing phenomenal results through support from business coaches” says Ken Blanchard, author of the One Minute Manager.

When business coaching began to establish itself about twenty years ago, it was used by only a handful of people, mostly senior executives who were seeking coaches to help them advance personally and professionally. As business became more and more competitive and challenging, the profile of business coaches increased tremendously.

As news of the effectiveness of coaching spread, coaching soon reached every organizational level of the corporate world. Today hundreds of thousands of people look to coaches to help realize their potential, maximize their productivity and achieve greater success.

The question you might ask yourself is: What can a coach do for me? How can a coach help me or my staff achieve our common goals and objectives?

Organizations put a lot of resources into the development and training of their employees and leaders. But unlike training sessions and development seminars, coaching can be continuously customized to ensure that participants reach targeted goals and gain tangible results under the guidance of a coach.

Individuals who involve themselves in a coaching program gain a profound understanding of themselves and can better leverage their talents and strengths to achieve both professional and personal success.

What benefits can you get from coaching?

  • An objective sounding board: You will be listened to without judgment. The coach will provide an environment in which your ideas and concerns will be respected and expanded.
  • Help in bridging the gap between your abilities, desires and achievements
  • An understanding of the importance of balancing your professional life while acknowledging your creative needs.
  • Perspective on new and better ways to move ahead
  • An awareness of your communication style. You will enhance your self-awareness and further develop your interpersonal skills
  • The ability to identify your goals and values. You’ll find out what you really want and what matters most to you.
  • A strategic plan to reach those goals
  • A partnership based on honesty, trust and mutual respect
  • Support and structure to facilitate growth and development

And clearly, the individual benefits will create a ripple effect throughout your company, improving morale, communication, retention, efficiency and productivity. Finally, all these benefits will allow you to grow personally.

Are you and/or your company ready for coaching?

Yours truly,Karin