July 2000

Dear Friends,

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer.

As sponsor and No. 1 fan of the Prague All-Stars football team, I hope you will join me in congratulating the football players’ victory as champions of the ISL football Premier division tournament. I would like to thank all of you who came out to support the team during the tournament.

Please find attached and below the Press Release with more details on their spectacular win.

L’Epée Coaching & Consulting has also had a successful beginning of 2000.

My Effective Communication Strategies monthly workshops saw the number of nationalities participating almost double, from 11 nationalities in 1999 to 20 in 2000. This gave all the participants a real and concrete opportunity to understand multicultural differences and to directly apply and understand cross-cultural communication.

So far we have hosted 2 networking activities. The Business & Networking Roundtable was intended to provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs and other business people to present themselves, their services and their products to their peer group. The roundtable offers a relaxed, professional environment that encourages speakers to develop their presentation skills, and allows them to field questions on their products and/or services and expands their business network. And participants in the monthly Power Breakfast 2000 had an opportunity to network, explore cultural differences why and how they affect our business and address the challenge of cross-cultural management in the 21st century.

As usual, I am actively pursuing my individual business and management coaching, the purpose of which is to guide the coachee to identify his opportunities for improvement and to solve problems by looking within.Finally, with my corporate training I strive to deliver engaging, interactive and flexible customized programs which recognize organizations’ specific needs and situations and build upon participants’ knowledge and experiences.

As most of you, L’Epée Coaching & Consulting will take a break during the months of July and August and will return in the fall with a whole new range of activities. Although there won’t be any official functions this summer, I do intend to be around Prague, although more sporadically than usual, so please stay in touch.

I wish you a great summer and look forward seeing you again in the fall.

Yours truly,