Fall 2001

Hello everyone,
“The direction of our life is controlled by the magnetic pull of our values”

On that fateful September 11th afternoon I took the full measure of how accurate that simple phrase is.I spent 8years in NYC during the glorious 80’s and although every possible terrorist scenario has been written about, it never crossed my mind that I would ever witness via television so much violence and destruction in such a short time.While many of us are grieving and mourning with the Americans, we are all challenged with facing a very uncertain future.It is my wish that despite the desire for revenge and retaliation we will pay closer attention to the rest of the world and find a way to live together in peace despite the differences in our values and beliefs.


September 26th Czech Canadian Chamber of Commerce business breakfast with the Mayor of Prague, Jan Kasl
October 1st WIB dinner at the Mlynec restaurant
October 4-6/11-18 Prague Ensemble Theater: La Ronde
October 7th Canadian Thanksgiving dinner
October 11th IWAP 10th Anniversary Celebration
October 20th Effective Communication Strategies Workshop: Emotions andCommunication
October 25th Canadian PubNight, speakers Barry Evans and Karin Genton-L’Epée
November 5th WIB dinner at the Mlynec restaurant

Communication Tip of the Month

“Fires on Manhattan have been extinguished. Clearing of WTC fragments and calculation of victims of the bloodiest act of terrorism in a modern history of mankind proceed. Systems of air defense in all the countries with those systems available are strengthened. Security measures at the airports and other transport units in all the countries are tightened. Police officers and security services’ employees get tired to death after vigilant watches and careful checks…” by Maxim Stepanenko

The September 11th tragic event triggered so many emotions that many felt the urge to write about it and to share what they felt with the rest of us. Talking about our emotions and sharing them outside our personal life has become the new trend.

For years the word emotion was banished from the business vocabulary; speaking about emotions was inappropriate. Today we hire people for their human qualities as well as their professional competencies. Being able to speak about our emotions and to share them has become an asset and sometimes a requirement. We expect people to be honest and sincere about themselves and their emotions.

We react to the world with emotion. A life without emotion is pretty dull and empty. At the same time when our emotions become too intense they can paralyze us. Emotions can be limiting or empowering. Should we listen to them or ignore them.

Emotions are answers to a stimulus. Each emotion is a piece of information about us and about the meaning we give to a situation. If we take a look at the following emotions: fear, anger, sadness and joy and what needs they reflect and/or create, we can see that fear creates the need to be reassured, anger to be respected, sadness to be comforted, and joy to be appreciated.

The latest challenge has been to recognize our emotions, to deal with them and to find the appropriate actions to answer their needs.

Are you aware of your emotions and how they affect your life and the way you relate to others?

Yours truly,Karin