August 2005: Emotional communcation

Creative self-marketing and promoting yourself through networking, In this interactive workshop held in English, Karin Genton-L’Epée will help you discover how to successfully present and market yourself in any situation. You will learn how to identify your core vision and message and communicate them credibly to your audience. By understanding how to network and the benefits you can achieve by improving your networking skills, you will gain the confidence and competence to maximize the impact of your self-marketing activities.

What you’ll take away:

  • A worksheet of what you want people to see, hear and feel when they meet you
  • An outline for your own 2-minute presentation drill, or “elevator speech”
  • 10 networking dos and don’ts

Date: September 14, 2005, 9:30–15:30

This seminar is part of a series of practical, solutions-oriented and relaxing 5-hour seminars held in August and September 2005 in Prague. The series, called Léto na eX, are organized by EXPERTIS PRAHA.

You can find further details and registration information about this seminar and other seminars in the series at


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Communication Tip of the Month: Emotional Communication

David had been on the phone for 20 minutes waiting for the airline operator to tell him the status of his afternoon flight reservation. Impatient and nervous, he lost his usual control when the lady told him that she couldn’t find it. “What do you mean you can’t find it! That’s ridiculous, I made the reservation a month ago, and I am due to leave this afternoon at 16:00,” David yelled at the airline operator.

As soon as he heard himself saying these words, he was sorry, as he knew he was alienating the only person who could help him solve his problem. By now, his level of stress was peaking, and he wasn’t sure how to deal with it.

Interestingly enough, the operator helped him out when she calmly said, “When you raise your voice, I cannot concentrate, sir.” David was lucky; she had just giving him a chance to apologize without losing face.

Two minutes later they were conversing like two adults trying to solve a problem. As soon as David explained how crucial this trip was for him, the operator became a solid ally who did her best to find space on an already full plane. Although David had attended a couple stress management workshops and was aware of some stress management techniques, this time the airline operator managed the emotional side of the conversation much better than he did.

How well do you deal with stress in your everyday life?

Yours truly,