Are You Ready for a Quantum Leap in Your Life?

year of the monkeyIn February it will be time to say goodbye to the Wood Goat of 2015 as he crosses over the mountain. However, 2016’s Fire Monkey will quickly swing in and take his place.

The New Year seems to have gotten off to a turbulent start with a weak global economic outlook, falling stock prices and major snowstorms to name just a few.

However, thanks to the unusual alignment of cosmic elements (February 2016 has four of each day of the week, which happens only once every 823 years), astrologers are claiming that the year of the Fire Monkey is the ideal time for a quantum leap in life.

This rare combination of the number 4 (the lucky number for the Monkey this year) will offer a wealth of opportunities to quadruple your chances of success.

According to Feng Shui consultants, the Year of the Fire Monkey is blessed with enthusiastic energy associated with ambition, intelligence, adventure, activity and mischief. This makes 2016 the perfect time to shake things up, initiate change in your life and discover new ways to achieve your goals.

Are you ready for a Fire Monkey year?