Summer 2010

Celebrating 12 Years

This summer marks the 12th anniversary of L’Epée Coaching & Consulting. It is hard to believe how fast the time has flown.

If this anniversary is cause for celebration, it is also a chance to reflect on the road traveled.

In addition to my core executive and management coaching, and corporate customized training programs, I have for the past couple of years been offering public speaking and presentation skills workshops in my corporate programs. Soon, I will be adding programs focused on creating and developing a positive professional image.

The objective of all these programs is to help my clients improve their overall leadership skills, as well as their chances for results and success. Taken as a “training suite,” the continual practice, feedback and direction can add immeasurably to your success.

The Power Lunch Series Continues in September

Many of you know that I also host a Power Lunch series, which draws a diverse group of participants representing a range of professions. The Winter-Spring series, which focused on “Working with Emotional Intelligence”, ended in June with a lively and engaging discussion related to “Emotional Freedom”.

The eighth year of the series kicks off in September with “The Unexpected Benefits of Defying Logic at Work”, which will be based on Dan Ariely’s new book The Upside of Irrationality.

The scheduled dates are September 7, October 5, November 9, and December 14.


I am always pleased to share feedback from participants at my Power Lunches. Here are what some of participants had to say about the last Power Lunch series.

  • “It’s a very nice platform to meet new people and discuss important topics in a more intimate setting.”
  • “I like listening to other people’s experiences, and the inspiration I get from the discussion.”
  • “Really enjoy the lunches. They are a safe and non-judgmental place to explore an interesting topic.”
  • “I appreciate the chance to step out of the standard office world, meet people I usually do not come across, and hear opinions outside of the daily routine of my corporate culture.”
  • “I like the mix of people (both in terms of profession and cultural background) and that you are encouraged to voice your opinion and contribute to the discussion in some way. Also, that there is always some interesting story or piece of shared wisdom that seems to come out of it so I guess I enjoy the spontaneous nature of it and the different ways the participants look at the world.”
  • “I think it’s a unique environment and you create a friendly and trusting atmosphere that allows people to speak frankly. It would be great to also do this in Czech! What about franchising the concept?”

Casey Holt: Stray Communications

Stray Communications is a U.S.-based marketing and advertising firm. The company offers marketing strategy, brand development and a full range of advertising services in all media.

In addition, Stray Communications deploys very successful web search optimization techniques on behalf of its U.S. clients. From a new satellite office in Prague, the company intends to bring that same expertise to European clients. You can get ahead of your competitors on the internet by contacting Casey at (

Sylvie Neves: MCI

MCI, which stands for Minds, Communities and Ideas, is an independent global association, communications and event management company. The company believes in human value(s) and those values inspire their everyday activities. People are the centerpiece of the MCI architecture, enabling them to build and maintain vivid communities which grow with them.

Not only in times of uncertainty but also in times of self-confidence, meaningful and solid connections are the only way to success. To learn more about MCI, contact Sylvie Neves at (

Calendar of Events and Activities

September 7 Power Lunch
September 14 Public Speaking Training
September 23-26 AIN in Amsterdam
October 9 Power Lunch
October 12 Public Speaking Training
November 9 Power Lunch
November 16 Public Speaking Training
December 4-5 SITE conference in Cape Town, South Africa (
December 14 Power Lunch

Coaching Tip of the Month

This summer, I would like to share a personal message a friend of mine sent me some time ago. It’s from Seven Spiritual Lessons of Business, by Peter and Monika Ressler.

Lesson One: The pursuit of money without love is meaningless.

  • Concern for others is also a concern for yourself.
  • Responsibility-of-the-fittest must replace survival-of-the-fittest.
  • Love in your business life means empathy for the shared human experience of others.

Lesson Two: Use your pursuit of money as a tool for spiritual growth.

  • Viewing money as the root of all evil is another way of refusing to take responsibility for your own choices.
  • It is within your power to choose whether you use money in your life in good or bad ways.
  • Good is that which enhances, rather than destroys.

Lesson Three: Profit cannot be earned from the suffering of others.

  • Gain at the expense of others is no gain at all.
  • The suffering you create for others and yourself is unnecessary suffering.
  • Material gluttony is the moral equivalent of any other gluttonous excess in your life.

Lesson Four: Give to others what you wish to receive for yourself.

  • Business is a reciprocal cycle that contributes human effort as well as utilizes the fruits of this effort.
  • The nature of your actions reverberates into the world and returns to you.
  • When you learn to expand your view to include the views of others, your world expands as well.

Lesson Five: You have a sacred obligation to serve others through the divine nature of work.

  • The spiritual purpose of work is to serve each other.
  • Every job is a “helping” profession.
  • All jobs have equal spiritual value.

Lesson Six: Employers and employees create a spiritual partnership based on mutual trust.

  • The employer/employee relationship is symbiotic in nature, both parties work together for mutual benefit.
  • Employees must act with integrity toward the business and the job they are required to do.
  • Employers must treat employees with respect and consideration, both in the workplace and in their compensation.

Lesson Seven: The spiritual purpose of business is to serve the community that supports it.

  • People form the foundation of business.
  • Business is rewarded in profits for serving the needs of the community.
  • Business must take responsibility for its role in creating the world around it.

I wish you a great summer and look forward to seeing you again in the Fall.

All the best,