September 2002

For those of us who have the privilege of living in Prague, the disaster that befell the city and part of the country hit us hard, if not on a material level at least on an emotional level.

It is often during times of crisis that we start re-evaluating our lives and ourselves; what really matters to us, what we think is right or wrong and what we really need and want.

As a coach, the first question I always ask my clients is: What do you want? Coaching is about setting up an action plan so you can set priorities about what matters the most to you. While coaching is mainly known and used in the professional world, it reaches all areas of our lives.

Following the latest needs and requests of my clients, I have developed a series of workshops which starts with a career assessment :Are you contemplating a career transition? Do you need to take stock, broaden your perspectives, build your confidence and gain clarity and a clear sense of direction and desired financial rewards? Whether you want to carry out your current job more effectively, want to go for a promotion, change jobs, weigh up new career options, take the plunge and go freelance or set up your own business, this Career Assessment Workshop will help you through the process, supporting, inspiring and challenging you to clarify your master plan and take action.

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Effective Communication Strategies

Due to strong demand the next Effective Communication seminar will be a repeat of the June 15th seminar. It will be held on September 28th and will focus on the Power of Values and their impact on cross-cultural communication and will stress the importance of understanding Values in a multi cultural environment.

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September 2nd WIB -Women in Business dinner – cancelled due to the floods
September 3rd Cancham Boat Cruise – cancelled due to the floods
September 21st Career Assessment workshop Part I
September 28th The Power of Values and their impact on cross-culture Communication Workshop
September Bibi Pelic music workshop (dates to be announced)
October 1st WIB -Women in Business dinner
October 5th Career Assessment workshop Part II

Communication Tip of the Month:Coaches aren’t just for athletes

If Effective Communication begins its process with the recognition of a desired outcome, establishing rapport with the person we are communicating with is almost mandatory to be able to reach our goal. When rapport is present during a negotiation, we can easily proceed toward our outcome. When out of rapport, conflict and misunderstanding are more likely to occur.

Rapport is the ability to relate to others in a way that creates a climate of trust and understanding.

Throughout history, in order to get help with achieving their goals, people have sought collaborative assistance from guides, mentors, teachers and today, coaches.

For many years coaching was mainly associated with sport and competition. As athletes became as visible and famous as movie stars, they surrounded themselves with all the help they could find in order to become the best. “Just as great athletes make huge gains with the help of their coaches, people at all levels of organizations are seeing phenomenal results through support from business coaches” says Ken Blanchard, -author of the One Minute Manager.

When business coaching began about twenty years ago, it was used by only a handful of people, particularly senior executives who were seeking coaches to help them advance personally and professionally. As business became more and more competitive and challenging the role of business coaches increased tremendously.

As news of the effectiveness of coaching spread, coaching soon reached each organizational level of the corporate world. Today coaching is assisting hundreds of thousands of people each year with maximizing their potential, productivity and achieving greater success.

The question you might ask yourself is: What can a coach do for ME? How can a coach help me or my staff to achieve our agreed goals and objectives?

Organizations spend a great deal of capital to develop and train their workforce and their leaders. But unlike many training and development processes coaching has the advantage of continuous customization to ensure that participants reach targeted goals and visible benefits with the rigorous guidance of a coach.

Individuals who are following a coaching program gain a profound understanding of themselves. It helps them to leverage their talents and strengths for the desired results. Coaching is a one-on-one process based on a collaborative relationship and a clear method to help individuals unlock their potential so they can achieve their goals.

What benefits can you get from coaching?An objective sounding board:you will be listened to without judgment. The coach will provide the environment in which your inklings, ideas and concerns will be respected and expanded.Bridging the gapbetween your abilities, desires and achievementsUnderstandingof the importance of balancing your professional life and yet acknowledging your creative needs.Perspective:the coach will give you an impartial perspective and brainstorm with you on ways to move aheadAwareness and leveragingof your communication style. You will enhance your self awareness and further develop your interpersonal skillsIdentification of your goals; what you really want, and your values; what matters the most to youDeveloping and implementinga strategic plan to reach your goals after having identified themA partnership:based on honesty, trust and mutual respectSupport & Structurefacilitating a natural pattern of grow th and development

And clearly, the individual benefits will create a ripple effect throughout the company you are working for, improving morale, communication, retention, efficiency and productivity. But it will also have a ripple effect in your personal life and allow you to grow personally.

Are you and/or your company ready for coaching?

Yours truly,Karin