September 2000

Dear All,

September officially marks the beginning of fall, but as our summer was so fleeting, let’s hope that an Indian summer will slowly ease us into colder days.

As much as I had anticipated a quiet summer, I ended up being busy with new projects and meeting new challenges of my own. On a personal note, I finally experienced the thrill of my first tandem freefall skydive from 3000 meters.

On the professional front, the summer has seen an increase and diversification of my personalized coaching activities, which I tailor for specific organizations. A new Team-Building Training at Radio Free Europe is expanding my cross-cultural understanding and stretching the number of nationalities I have worked with to 22.

Several other projects are in the works, one of which combines sports and communication coaching_two of my passions. I will tell you more about this great new opportunity in upcoming months.

Due to this flurry of activity, I must sadly announce that for the moment, my Effective Communication Workshops will no longer be offered monthly. However, they can be organized on an as-needed basis. Should you like to arrange one please let me know.

And last but not least, the football team I sponsor the fabulous Prague All Stars, will be defending their championship title in the fall ISL tournament, which will start in October. A schedule of play dates will soon be in the electronic mail. I and the team would love to see as many people there as possible to cheer them on.

I hope everyone is doing well. Until next we meet.