November 2006

The DLA Annual International Christmas Bazaar at the Hilton Hotel

For several years now, the Diplomatic Ladies Association has been organizing its International Christmas Bazaar to help support local charities. The annual bazaar includes tables representing some fifty countries. Visitors to the event will find a wide variety of gifts as well as tasty treats for sale from all over the world. Most importantly, the proceeds from the event go to benefit several local charities.

This year’s bazaar will take place on December 3 at the Prague Hilton Hotel between 10 am and 4 pm. Entrance is just 50 CZK. For more information, call 224 842 007 or send an email to

Join the Bohemian Toastmasters

The new Bohemian Toastmasters Club provides professionals and business people with the skills to formulate, express, and promote their ideas successfully to just about anyone. Whether you’re trying to establish a better relationship with a boss, business partner, colleague or even a lending institution, strong communication skills are fundamental to your professional success! By participating in the club’s weekly meetings, you can become a more effective communicator while building stronger leadership skills.

The Bohemia Toastmasters Club meets every Monday from 18:30 to 20:30 at Hotel Hoffmeister, Pod Bruskou 7, Prague 1.

Come see what Toastmasters can do for you.

December 2006 Newsletter

The Christmas Newsletter will be sent during the week of December 18th.

Calendar of Events and Activities

November 6 WIB Women in Business Dinner
November 22 Leadership Challenges Power Lunch: Ethics and Integrity
December 3 Diplomatic Ladies Association Charity Bazaar at the Hilton Hotel
December 4 WIB Women in Business Dinner
December Due to Christmas parties and the holidays, there will be no Power Lunch in December

Communication Tip of the Month: Hope Is the Antidote for the Winter Blues

Like many people, my mood and level of motivation often change with the seasons. As the temperature drops, so does my determination in seeing my goals and objectives through. By the time those chilly November winds blow through the city, signaling another winter season, I have but to wait for another bout of the winter blues.

What is the easiest way to keep morale up when the temperature begins to plummet? For me, maintaining a high level of hope is often the best safeguard against the sudden arrival of winter and the lack of energy that comes with it.

What is hope? It is the belief that we have both the will and the means to accomplish our goals, whatever they may be and deal effectively with the challenges we inevitably encounter along the way.

Maintaining a high level of hope in the face of challenges is not only important to maintaining our motivation; it also impels us to find new and creative ways to achieve those goals and objectives. Hope helps us to remain flexible and optimistic even when the tasks ahead of us seem all but impossible.

This is important to remember when the winter weather darkens our vision with the specter of self-doubt and despair. To endure any period of difficulty, we must never question our belief in our own strength and ability. Instead we must maintain a conviction that we are fully prepared to meet any challenge and act accordingly.

Whether we’re facing another dark and dreary winter or an extended period of hard work and difficulty, the last thing we can afford to lose is the hope of seeing our goals through to a successful end.

Is hope your antidote too?