May 2010

Thank you for reading the May 2010 L’Epée Coaching & Consulting Newsletter.

Effective Communication

Communicating without a desired outcome, without an objective, is like traveling without a destination. Although enjoying the trip can be a very good experience, ending up where you want to be is more productive.

Effective communication is like going on a trip.

First you need to know where you want to go and then decide how you want to get there; whether you will fly, drive, bicycle or walk.

Regardless of your choice of transportation, you need to choose a destination and along the way have some checkpoints or landmarks that indicate whether or not you are on the right track

And when you arrive at your final destination, you need some confirmation that you are indeed where you wanted to be.

What do you need to see, hear and feel to know that you have reached your destination?

Just as travel begins with a destination; effective communication begins its process with the recognition of a desired outcome. What you do want your communication to achieve?

Then you need to choose the appropriate medium for your communication; speaking or writing. Then you need to evaluate the efficiency or your communication. How will you know you have reached your goal? What do you need to see, hear and feel to know that you have been successful in communicating your ideas?

How effective is your communication?

Online Videos-Thank you for your support

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I have added two more videos excerpts from the February Power Lunch on my youtube account and Facebook Coaching4Success page
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Rotary Club Prague International  “Dragon Boat Race”

Come Dragon Boat Racing on the Vltava in Prague!  Although Dragon Boats are an ancient water sport originally coming from China, dragon boat racing is now a world-wide sport.  The 9th world championships were held in Prague last year and the Czech Republic won 3 bronze medals.  Slovaks swept the board in the under-23 events. 

A dragon boat is 12,5 m long, like a very large canoe, and requires a crew of 16 paddlers and 1 drummer.  This makes it an ideal activity for team building events. 

It requires no experience and above all it’s great fun!

The organizers provide the boats, instruction, life jackets and safety systems.

Have a Company Boat, race on the Vltava and support some good causes all at the same time!

Rotary Club Prague International offers you this excellent and inexpensive team building event on Saturday 29th May here in Prague. 

You are invited to ‘buy’ a boat and send a crew to participate in the Rotary Dragonboat Race Challenge.
Date: Saturday May 29th
Where: On the Vltava River at Smichovska plaz-Horejsi nabrezi
How: 16 paddlers and 1 drummer for each boat

Charities supported by this event: Nadace Nase Dite; ICTUS (stroke patients): Zivot 90 (elderly)

For more information, please contact Andreas Fehrens at: or Irena Brichta: 


Anthony Robbins in Rome in June 2010

Do you want to live an extraordinary training event and make happen your most important personal and professional projects?

Meet live with Anthony Robbins, number 1 world coach in the field of maximum achievement, who has been teaching his success strategies for over 30 years to world leaders, businessmen and world-class athletes all over the world. Among his clients there are Bill Clinton, Quincy Jones and Serena Williams.

After the success of the Italian Edition of 2009, Hi-Performance (, a company fully focused since 13 years on the organization of international training events, is pleased to announce the great return of Anthony Robbins, with the seminar: UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN, which will take place in Rome, Italy, from June 24th to 27th, 2010.

For more information on how to join the 5.000 people which will be there from all around Europe please call Hi performance at +39 06.36005152 or send an e.mail to:

Calendar of events and activities:

May 18 Public Speaking Training: Structuring and delivering your presentation

May 25 Power Lunch: The Age of Empathy

May 29 Rotary Dragon Boat race:

June 22 Public Speaking Training: Present to win or prepare to loose

June 24-27 Anthony Robbins in Rome;

June 29 Power Lunch: Emotional Freedom

Coaching Tip of the Month:  Stretching beyond your comfort zone

Last month, at the end of one of my cross-cultural management trainings, I asked the classic question: “Does anyone have a question?”

One woman raised her hand and said, “From your point of view, what are the most important characteristics of the best managers in a multi-cultural environment?”

Although I had just spent 3 hours illustrating various situations on accepting, adapting and integrating cultural differences as well as going over some of the basic cultural features identified by the anthropologist Edward Hall, for a group of professionals, this question reminded me that I needed to summarize my own thoughts on what I believe is the best way to manage across cultures.

Anyone who has ever coached, trained or taught cross-cultural management techniques understands the various challenges managers have to deal with when they are involved with a multicultural team. But while coaching is about helping the coachees identify what is important for them and doing your best to avoid saying what you think they should do, the woman’s question at the seminar reminded me that teaching is also about sharing experience and knowledge. She was expecting me to share my thoughts and knowledge with her to identify the most appropriate management behaviors in a cross-cultural environment.

I had spent a good portion of the seminar stressing the importance of stretching your comfort zone and reaching out to others’ needs and expectations. Now it was my turn to stretch beyond my coaching habits and tell the audience what I thought was the best way to manage across cultures.

Reflecting on the question from a coach’s perspective, I said: “A good manager is one who knows what he wants, can identify the issues, knows what is required to reach his goal, and knows how to make the necessary adjustments needed to reach his goal. Finally during this entire process, he needs to be aware of his values and be able to keep his goals aligned with his values and behaviors.

Karin Genton-L'Epée has 15 years of management experience in the United States, France and the Czech Republic. For the last 12 years Karin has worked as a successful business coach in the Czech Republic offering international professional expertise. As a business coach, Karin has developed a range of coaching and training programs for mid- and top-level managers to focus on leadership development, cross-cultural understanding and effective communication in an international environment. With her knowledge, skills and range of experience, Karin has been a frequent guest speaker at business conferences and educational institutions. She is also a regular contributor to business journals and magazines. Karin works in English and French and can be reached at