June 2004

As a founding member of the Prague Coaching Club, I am happy to introduce its latest project: The EXECUTIVE AWAY DAY

Working more, yet getting less done? Becoming irritable and impatient with yourself and others? This summer, take advantage of an opportunity to invest 28 hours in a unique experience that will relax both your mind and spirit. For more information, see the attached document.

Executive Away Days are organized by the Prague Coaching Club. Annette Reissfelder and Karin Genton-L’Epée founded the Prague Coaching Club as a development forum for professional managers. Coming from two distinctive European cultures, Annette and Karin use their respective approaches and experience to take a creative look at some of the most pressing issues facing leaders and managers today.

For more information on the Prague Coaching Club activities, don’t hesitate to contact Karin.


June 7 WIB – Women in Business dinner at Mlynec
June 8 ASTD Professional Development Series Dinner
June 15 Intercultural Power Lunch: Communication Patterns
June 16 The Better Management Society Luncheon


L’Epée Coaching & Consulting will be on holiday from June 21 till July 12

July 12 WIB – Women in Business dinner at Mlynec
July 14/15 Executive Away Day
July 21 Intercultural Power Lunch: Emotions at Work
August 2 WIB – Women in Business dinner at Mlynec
August 25 Intercultural Power Lunch: Men & Women at Work
September 6 WIB – Women in Business dinner at Mlynec