June 2002

Traditionally when we speak about spring-cleaning, we think about cleaning closets and organizing our drawers. In business, spring-cleaning is more about clearing and updating files. Although the lackluster spring wasn’t too inspiring this year, I took on the task of giving my web page a new facelift with the support and help of Aisulu Takyrbasheva

Since actions speak better than words, I suggest that you check out www.coaching.cz to see what’s new. I have added some new links to the Biography and Coaching & Consulting and Public Workshop page which you may find useful. For those of you who may not have received all my newsletters, you can now find a complete set of them on the web site. In addition, I have developed some new courses about Managment Coaching and Effective Communication workshops which you may find of interest

Effective Communication Strategie

The next Effective Communication seminar, to be held June 15th, will focus on the Power of Values and their impact on cross-cultural communication.

The last seminar “Strategic Questioning ” presented a system of linguistic tools which allow us the maximum precision while communicating with others. The June 15th seminar will highlight how our Values affect our communication and the importance of understanding Values in a multi cultural environment.

Look for a separate mailing with more information about this in the next couple of weeks.


May 29th Cancham PubNight
May 30th Biljana Pelic Music Workshops
June 3rd WIB -Women in Business dinner
June 6th, 13th, 20th Biljana Pelic Music Workshops
June 15th Effective Communication Strategies workshop
June 27 Biljana Pelic Concert with the Chamber Orchestra of the Czech Philharmonic
June 29th Canada Day
July 1st WIB -Women in Business dinner

Communication Tip of the Month: How likable are you?

Most expatriates who come to the Czech Republic look forward to exploring new horizons and challenges while often completely unaware of the extent of the challenges that both the local language and the people present.

In this era of globalization, we strive to solve the complex issues which pull us apart and seem oblivious to what brings us together.

But regardless of our country, language and cultural differences, most of us like to be liked; meaning that we are more inclined to do business with people we like than with people we don’t like.

All business is personal. In the end, people do business with people.

The first step to increase our likeability is to know ourselves; who are we, what do we stand for, and what is important to us. In other words, what do we value, what do we believe in, and what is our personality type? How do people perceive us, and what impressions do they have when they interact with us?

The second step is to learn about others; who they are, what’s important for them, and how can we identify their communication styles?

The goal is not to change our personality or change their personalities, rather, it is to be able to adjust our communication styles to accomodate each other in order to connect and communicate in an efficient way.

Another way to increase our likeability is to look for common interests, as it is possible to find something in common with everyone; hobbies, sport, family situations, beliefs, etc. It might take a bit of creative effort, but discovering where interests and passions overlap will pay off.

In competitive times, polishing our likeability is a valuable asset. By learning who we are and how to get along with the widest variety of personality styles, we can increase our effectiveness with less frustration and a lot more fun.

How likable are you?

Yours truly,


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