July 2003

The easiest and fastest way to get a job is to network!

First of all, I would like to extend a warm welcome to readers, both new and old, of the Summer 2003 L’Epée Coaching & Consulting Newsletter.

Successful Start to 2003

Over the years, L’Epée Coaching & Consulting has seen a steady increase in the number of nationalities represented in its various activities. While eleven different countries were represented in 1999, that number has swelled over the past several years to 32 in 2003. This diversity not only provides a unique environment in which to understand cultural differences, but also gives L’Epée’s participants the opportunity to apply various concepts and ideas in facilitating cross-cultural communication.

While I continue to be actively involved in both personal and management coaching, I have, at the request of many, decided to broaden my services to include career counseling and career management coaching. These activities are aimed at helping my clients identify opportunities for improvement and find solutions to problems within themselves.

In the corporate training aspect of my work, I will continue to deliver interactive and flexible customized programs that identify the specific demands of an organization and build on the knowledge and experience of its members.

Finally, like many of you, I will be taking holidays during July and August before returning in the fall with a broad range of new activities. Though there aren’t any official functions slated for the summer, I do intend to be in and around Prague, albeit less often than usual, so please stay in touch.


August 4th Women in Business dinner
September 1st Women in Business dinner
September 6th Career Assessment Workshop Part I
September 9th IWAP evening group
September 13th Effective Communication Workshop
September 18th Altisa coaching presentation
September 20th Career Assessment Workshop Part II
September 23rd ASTD dinner: Cultural awareness workshop
September 27th Bibi’s Concert Series
October 6th WIB – Women in Business dinner

Communication Tip of the Month:

The easiest and fastest way to get a job is to network!

Through sound networking, a friend of mine succeeded in securing a new job last month while accompanying me at a social gathering. Knowing the importance of networking in looking for a new job, he had mastered a 90-second presentation drill, which he would use to introduce himself at every suitable opportunity. That evening, following an initial handshake and introduction, his 90-second presentation drill led to a promising contact with a company seeking a financial director. My friend followed up with a phone call the next day and eventually landed the position.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? But how many of us feel comfortable promoting ourselves outside of the office? Moreover, many of us often ask ourselves the question: “How can I network if I am shy and don’t know anyone?” Even though we are good at our job itself, networking may not always come easily to us.

Additionally, differences in the way Americans and Europeans socialize can further complicate matters. Whereas Americans are encouraged to introduce themselves in a direct and straightforward manner, Europeans are more inclined to wait until after a formal introduction before engaging in conversation. Fortunately, the relaxed etiquette of Prague makes it easier to approach a “stranger” at a party and introduce oneself without being formally introduced.

When and where can you network? Anywhere and anytime. You can practice your networking skills in situations ranging from a formal group meeting to a chance encounter in the subway.

How do you network? Upon meeting someone, show an interest in what they do and become involved in the conversation. Exchange business cards and make an effort to memorize people’s names, as they will appreciate the recognition during your next encounter. Finally, it is very important to follow up. Though this common courtesy is too often forgotten, it is key to good networking and will certainly pay off.

What are the benefits of networking? From building new contacts to making new friends, networking is an invaluable skill that will continually lead you to new opportunities. And the rewards you’ll gain by sound networking will surely outnumber the occasional dead-ends or disappointments. Before you know it, you will have sharpened your communication skills, be exchanging ideas and information with diverse groups of people and be uncovering new and exciting opportunities, even in the most unexpected of situations.

How successful are you at networking?

Yours truly,