December 2001: Season’s Greetings

The Holidays Season is a time for celebration, joy and happiness.Without forgetting the hardship and sorrow the world has been facing I would like to share this Irish Blessing with you and wish all a very Happy and Peaceful New Year

May there always be work for your hands to doMay your purse always hold a coin or twoMay the sun always shine on your windowpaneMay a rainbow be certain to follow each rainMay the hand of a friend always be near youMay God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.

Effective Communication Strategies

The next Effective Communication seminar will be January 26th and will look at our emotions and belief systems.The last seminar “Emotions and Communication” highlighted the impact of emotions on our communication; this upcoming seminar will address the impact of our beliefs on our communication and how emotions and beliefs are interconnected.Look for a separate mailing with more information about this next month.


December 3rd WIB Christmas dinner
December 6th Cancham Christmas party
January 7th WIB dinner
January 16th Cancham PubNight
January 26th Effective Communication Strategies workshop
January 30th Cancham bowling night

Communication Tip of the Month

The beginning of the year is a good opportunity to set new goals; how can climbing a mountain be used to help us achieve our goals?

When experienced mountain climbers plan an ascent to the summit of a mountain, which way do they plan, from the bottom up or from the top down? While a beginner tends to begin from the valley and plan his way up, an experienced climber will start with the summit and look for a route to the next lowest target. This “top down” approach can also be used in business settings, because it requires you to have a firmly defined goal before taking any steps.

While figuring out where to get started is crucial and shouldn’t be overlooked, what we often have a hard time determining is the exact goal we are pursuing.

Before planning your ascent of any project, the first question you need to ask ourselves is:What do I want?

The first step is to know what the goal is.

Then you need to figure out how to measure this goal, what concrete and determinable signs you will accept as proof that you have achieved your goal. More, better and bigger aren’t a way to quantify results, only specific measurement can be used.

The third step is to focus on what you have at your immediate disposal to reach your goal.

The fourth step is to define what is missing and what needs to be done or gotten to reach the goal.

Last but not least, what consequences will the attainment of your goal have in your life? What will be the benefits and the downsides?By reaching your objective which advantages might disappear? Getting a promotion usually means more work and less free time.

New Year’s is a traditional time to reflect on the past year and dream about the new one.

What are you dreaming about and which steps will you be taking to make your dreams come true?

Wishing you all the best for 2002Karin